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Michael Carico:

(Web Guy / Senior Solutions Architect)

With more than 20 years’ professional experience developing and delivering software solutions, Michael Carico is definitely someone you want on your team.  Michael got his start programming Accounting and Procurement systems at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, D.C. and soon made his way to project team lead.  Michael designed and developed several business systems for NRL, as well as being a member of several key teams, eventually earning the NRL Award for Excellence in Mission Support.

Michael programmed his first website in 1999 just before earning his Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2000.  Since then, he has left Government Service to pursue other ventures, including building websites and web applications full time.  Michael founded AbleSpark in 2002 and currently serves as AbleSpark’s Senior Solution Architect.  In this role, he oversees all website development and provides direct application system architecture and development support.  Michael brings his personal knowledge and the entire AbleSpark team to help ABIL Solutions and its clients.

Based in Los Angeles. James LeGoy received his degree in photography in 1982 from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and immediately opened an advertising photography studio. After 16 successful years shooting stills, he changed career paths and started filming commercials and lighting feature films.

In 1997, James shot his first feature-length 35mm film, Malaika, a family film about four kids who find an elephant in their backyard. Since then, he has served as cinematographer on more than 18 feature films, including Day of the Dead 2 and Creepshow 3, second unit cinematographer on another 12 features, shooting numerous commercials and music videos, as well as occasionally lending his lighting skills to other DPs.

One of his most recent films was Wizardream for director John Carl Buechler starring Malcolm McDowell.

Recent awards include the Grand Prize at the Los Angeles 3D Movie Festival, as well as Telly and Hermes awards.

photo of James Legoy

James LeGoy:


photo of Chris Jordan


(Leadership/Discipleship Coach, Speaker, Trainer)

With more than 25 years’ public service (and growing!), Chris Jordan has developed a passion for understanding, teaching, and living out leadership. With many personal experiences that have taught him—sometimes harshly— the necessity of positive influence, Chris has grown into someone sought after to help with the “hard stuff.” From team development, to understanding relationships and on to conflict resolution and transformational coaching, Chris covers a wide array of topics that serve to help others rise to a greater level of success, or what Chris likes to call, victory!

Chris also enjoys writing and creating simple graphical posts for ministry, business and personal uses. He is a go-to editor and can help with grammar, content, and more. Chris is honored to be a part of the strategic team for ABIL Solutions!