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I attended training that Ali presented this week entitled “Federal Contracts: From Proposal To Submission”. The event was held at the Western Maryland SBDC in Frederick. When I attend training I not only learn the subject matter, I reinforce how to be a great facilitator of learning. Ali helped me do both. Ali knows this topic of Federal Contracting inside and out. I learned a great deal from her excellent and interactive 90-minute session. More than that, Ali is an excellent facilitator of learning. I know that great facilitators make it look very easy, but there is a lot that goes into teaching adults.

Just a few of the ways I knew Ali was a great facilitator…she was the first one in the classroom and all set to go when I walked in, about 15 minutes early. (I’m amazed at trainers who run in 2 minutes prior to start time, but it happens!). Ali introduced herself and told us just enough about her background to help us trust in her knowledge of the day’s topic. Then she started our session in a way I wish all facilitators would! By going around the room and asking us each for a brief introduction and to ask what we most wanted to learn that day. This is a fabulous technique that, from the start, involves us in learning and made me feel heard and valued. Most facilitators don’t do this. Ali’s style was engaging, humorous at times, and filled with knowledge. She was a delightful trainer and I will absolutely look for future classes that she presents. Thank you Ali!

Ali Paskun, ABIL Solutions, highly demonstrates experience and knowledge of the business world, particularly with strategies to help grow small businesses. Through her numerous business presentations for the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Ali has guided business owners to a better understanding of their customers’ needs and given them the nudge in the right direction to grow their businesses with higher revenues and referrals. Ali Paskun has shared her areas of expertise presenting business seminars packed full of information for Business Management and Government Contracting. From starting a business on a shoestring budget, through the ideal customer journey, to customer onboarding and after the sale, to determining how to sell to the government, Ali has totally demonstrated her knowledge and infinite wisdom with small business owners for a successful business journey! Ali Paskun’s presentations provide exceptional content to assist business owners ensure their business not only survives but thrives! The benefits of Ali’s trainings far exceeded expectations giving small business owners a better understanding of the needs of their companies, how to fulfill these needs and how to satisfy the needs of their customers! Her professionalism and high ethical standards were demonstrated when she was engaged as a speaker, had car trouble but still Ubered to the training site approximately 90 miles in order to fulfill her commitment to a speaking engagement. Integrity is definitely a characteristic Ali demonstrates regularly! I look forward to monthly seminars with Ali as the presenter!

Thanks to Ms. Ali Paskun and ABIL Solutions for the great work they recently did on a video presentation. Ali and her crew successfully prepared me for working on-camera in a professional studio setting. ABIL Solutions used skillful editing to move the presentation along, integrating content (slides) and removing any speaking errors. I encourage you to work with Ali and the experts for your video production needs. They are experienced, professional, and provide polished and eye-catching displays, as well as audio and visual editing. This complete on-camera package makes ABIL Solutions your one-stop shop for video production.

We have been looking for a company to help create meaningful content for our website for a long time. After trying several vendors with limited success, we were referred to Ali and her team at ABIL Solutions. Together, her team worked with our technical teams to develop new content for our various channels: website, brochures, etc. Their direct interaction with our technical team was important, they enabled us to go beyond the technical descriptions and make them easier to understand to a much larger audience. Ali personally viewed this material from a marketing perspective and revised it to include the right tone that spoke to our ideal customer, without dumbing it down or making it too strong a sales pitch. Their contributions took what our team developed to a new level that ensured the technical and sales aspects of our message were perfectly in tune and complemented each other.

What’s the hardest part for a speaker while recording video? Being able to speak with confidence and polish while all the moving parts of a video studio are around you. When I did a video training program for ABIL Solutions, I was impressed by how easy it was to maintain my train of thought and speak right to the audience because the video team did what they had to do without being distracting to me.

The finished product moves seamlessly between me speaking next to the slides, the slides filling the screen and the slides as background. These subtleties help impress the viewer with the spoken and visual content at just the right moments.

Ali, Tony, and the rest of the ABIL Solutions team are so easy to work with and completely professional in their capabilities.